Our Story

Our Mission

Not all pizzas are created equal.  We pride ourselves on our recipes and ingredients.  

We recognize that without our customers, our business would not exist.  With that, it is our mission to ensure each of our customers leaves our restaurant completely satisfied!

About Us

JJ Twigs is committed to serving the best pizza in town. Our pizza dough, sauce and Italian sausage are made from 60 year old family recipes created by "Pizza Bill" in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.  He generously shared his famous recipes with JJ Twigs who, after 30 successful years, shared them with our family.  St. Louis has been enjoying these recipes since 2006.   

Our cheese is 100% Whole Milk Mozzarella, our Italian Sausage is made in Chicago exclusively for us. Our sauce, dough and toppings are prepared fresh daily in our kitchen.

JJ Twigs is not a fast food restaurant.  Our pizza and most items on the menu

are prepared to order using only the freshest ingredients.  Since we pride ourselves on satisfying our customers, we will never compromise our quality by taking shortcuts to speed the process.